Museum of Modern Betas – we got listed!

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Hopefully, that’s a good thing and gives us the power to develop and become a stable project. Thanks for that! :)

Fixing all the beta problems

We never called the site a beta, but sometimes it is. We are using software that should be running perfectly, but oftten it is not the software that is responsible for something not working. It’s the humans running it.

So if you think you found something that does not work as expected or specific sites are not found, please contact us. Often the fix very simple and fast because we spelled the name of a city wrong.

Anybody who tried to upload something to

Moscow and Taipei

for example may have experienced a 404. That one is fixed, but there may some others out there. Feel free to report them to us.

Thanks for your support! :)

Thanks for spreading the word on tumblr!

A big thanks goes to gutterxflower. She spread the word about on tumblr. She calls our site an “awesome global project”.

Thank you for the kind words!

Connecting to blogs all over the world

Everybody who tried to start up a new site comes to one big challenge: to make the site popular. If you have a huge budget you can spend it on advertising. Or you buy ads on blogs for a few months.

Due to the fact that this site is more about the idea of sharing pictures and have a look in other peoples apartments seeing how they live and how it looks at the other end of the world, we try to get connected to blogs doing the same. Linking to blogs with the same idea of showing how the world looks is our goal. Thats why we contact you and ask you if would like to link to us, as well as we would love it to link to your site.

Doing this, we discovered amazing blogs. Even if only a few people would like to cooperate with us, it is still a pleasure to see all the great work people do around the world. And believe me: we only contact the greatest blogs, even though there are thousands out there. For the bloggers that are afraid to loose traffic: once we linked to your site because you showed your support, that link stays. We know how difficult it is to get early support from earlier projects. Thats why we would like to express our thanks for everybody supporting us.

Keep on blogging. :)


If you stumbled on our site and would like to contact us, please do so. We are happy to answer all requests.


Welcome on!

We created this website out of curiosity. Other peoples apartments are very interesting and they very often are special for a city. So we would like to invite you to share a picture of your apartment which shows the most interesting part you would like to share with us.

The site has a lot of cities you can choose from, however, we are aware that the list is far from being complete. Please be patient, when your city is not listed at this time.

To start I posted a picture of my apartment with my favorite lamp. It is originally from the 70s and I really love it. It makes a wonderful light and when you see it you already feel at home. You find the post here, due to the fact that my apartment is Berlin.

Now we see forward to all your pictures, thanks for sharing!